Australian Bundle

Build your own Australian Gift Bundle with Native Flowers, Banksia Gifts Australia Aroma Pod and Val McLean Art Print.
Val is a local painter and acquired her Bachelor of Fine Art in New York where she is originally from.  She is a member of the Queensland Botanical Art Society and one of our senior florists on staff.  When she isn't creating beauty in our flower shop, she concentrates on painting beautiful botanicals.  All artwork is signed and has a certificate of Authenticity stating it is true to the original and archival in quality.
If you would like to look at Val's work click Here 
Otherwise we will choose a beautiful print to go with your bundle, if you would like to know what we have in store or will be sending, please contact the shop. 

Our qualified florists will choose an arrange of beautiful Native flowers and arrange them into a beautiful gift worth $65.The photo shows a representation purpose only.  We source our flowers locally and through wholesalers, therefor our selection will change weekly. 

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