How We Work

We believe that weddings are a very intimate and memorable moment between you and your partner. We believe 'less is more' when it comes to creating that special day. This means we limit our offerings to concentrate only on bridal parties & small ceremony flowers. There are two options ... 

Option 1. Customised Wedding

If you have something special in mind, let us a know and we can put our minds together and create something amazing!  To have a consultation with a floral stylist, please contact us via email  with your wedding date and some information of what you’re after, include photos if possible.

Option 2. Handcrafted Wedding

We can hand craft the perfect wedding bouquet for you without blowing your budget! Simply fill out the form below. Tell us about your colours & tell us the size you would like your bouquet to be. Next, tell us how many bridesmaids and buttonholes you would like. Then, leave it to our florists to choose the flowers that are the freshest and in season. Rest assured, we will use our artistic skills to style a breathtaking wedding package to live up to your special day!

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