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Milkman Shave Gel & Razor

Shave Gel -

By using this soap-free shave gel instead of a traditional shave soap lubricant, you'll notice:
  •  The gel smells very lightly with a fresh & clean aroma that won't irritate the skin.
  •  The skin will feel soft and supple post shave, instead of tight & dry.
  • You can see exactly where you're shaving because there's no soapy foam to block your view. Perfect for lining up beards & moustaches, as well as clean shaves & head shaves.
  •  It's easy to apply, just dispense into your hand with the pump & wipe a slick of gel onto the shaving area.
  •  No post shave irritation as the gel deeply hydrates the skin & protects it from razor burn.

Razor - 

With its high quality stainless steel head & our signature cigar-shaped matte black handle this elegant piece not only looks that part, it provides an outstanding shaving experience. These razors are a great way to add a touch of class whilst using the same convenient cartridges available for "plastic fantastic" alternatives.

Each razor comes with a single Gillette Mach 3 branded cartridge & replacements are readily available at supermarkets & various retail shops.  


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