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Moody Hues Bouquet

Moody Hues is filled with bursts of colour of deep reds, deep pinks and purples.  With a vast array of soft tones popping up each season your Buds on Buderim florist will choose a range of complimentary shades to ensure a deep and moody bouquet.

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At Buds on Buderim we love to create bespoke, custom made organic floral designs. We work with natures colours, textures and shapes when designing our custom-made floral designs.This means that our designs will be different each and every time with what is available from our suppliers and each florist’s nature takes a role in creating your design. The photo’s we have provided are for representation purpose only, to show you our style of work and the colour tones.By shopping with us you acknowledge that you are purchasing a piece of art and not a catalogue product.

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