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Seasonal Products

All product images on this site are only for representation purposes only to show you our style and the colour combination. Due to seasonal factors, market availability & seasonal pricing we cannot always create florals exactly as pictured on this website. Please rest assured, we definitely do our best. Trust our florist experts to substitute for you where they see fit. All this information has been explained in the product description.

All flowers are sent out fresh they may still be in bud for long lasting purposes. If a seasonal product is not achievable in the colour scheme selection you have chosen, one of our florists will contact you for a second option.


If you require a delivery out of our standard same day delivery run 12pm-4:30pm. You will be contacted to pay for a priority delivery run.

We do not do guarantee delivery times for a standard same day delivery run 12-4:30pm. We take suggests; however, we are not liable if we cannot fulfill your request.

Funeral services will be delivered an hour before the service, if enough time has been given.

Our couriers do their very best to get everyone’s delivery delivered asap. If we are given wrong addresses this does delay our deliveries and affects everyone else on board. We do advise to please make sure all details are triple checked before processing your order. If you do give us a wrong address or an incomplete address and this affects our delivery run you will be contacted for additional cost for time delay, phone calls, re-deliveries and change of address.  

If no one is home at the address given, our courier will choose to leave your gift at the home or workplace in a safe and secure place. They will leave a card in the mail box or front door explaining when and where they left the flowers. If we cannot access properties or there is no safe place to leave your gift, we will than either call the recipient or customer to be advised what would like to be done.

If we can’t contact either your gift will be bought back to the shop and dealt with there. If a re-delivery is required, we do charge for the second delivery as we get charged by our courier.

To avoid any issues please make sure all CORRECT details are provided – correct address, business name, landmarks, contact number for recipient, delivery instructions if not home or ways to access properties, Unit numbers, and any other important information

Returns & Cancellations

If for some reason you want to cancel your delivery before the flowers have left the store, we offer a full refund or can put your order on hold until further notice. If the flowers have been delivered and there is an issue with delivery or unhappy with the product, we may offer a refund on the flowers, depending on the circumstance however we do not refund the delivery charge.

If you receive your seasonal product and it is significantly different from what you ordered we offer a replacement, if you are still unhappy than we offer a refund depending on the circumstances.

If you feel your flowers should be replaced, we ask customers to contact us within 48hours for a complimentary replacement or refund. If you don’t meet this time frame unfortunately, we do not offer this as it was out of our professional care. We do love the feedback however and if we believe it should be managed, we may offer you a smaller replacement or store credit. As flowers come into our shop and look perfect, they sometimes don’t show diseases or damage until days later, therefore we are happy to be flexible on the circumstance.

For Potted Plants you have up to 3 Days to bring your plant back instore if you are unhappy with it. As after that it is out of our professional care and is up to you to care for it correctly. If the plant has a disease or is/has started to die in those 3 days, we are happy to give you a full refund or replace it. If you are unhappy with the look of the pot plant, we are happy to give you a store credit. 

Customer Behavior

At Buds on Buderim we understand that flowers are an expensive and luxury item, that is why we have the highest standards of freshness, value and customer service. If for some reason you are unhappy with your product or service, we do ask you to let us know as soon as possible. However, we do have feelings and flowers are a seasonal product so we do ask if you could let us know with some respect. We do not tolerate abuse or threatening comments to our little shop, you will be asked to move on with no conclusion. Please let us know politely and we are more than happy to fix our mistake or replace your product. Treat others how you want to be treated 😊



Ticking the Terms & Condition box you have agreed with all Buds on Buderim’s terms and conditions above and understand.

 Thanks in advance for your cooperation and Business.

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